Advanced Research Technology (ART)

Innovations in technology and analysis

The Advanced Research Technology (ART) Unit develops and applies emerging technological and analytical tools ranging from advanced drone imaging to the latest deep learning techniques with the goal of solving previously intractable experimental problems for studying animal behavior. The ART members advise and collaborate with researchers across MPI-AB to establish a collaborative culture of scientists working on similar methodological problems.

Research Themes


Food determines where animals go. Hyperspectral imaging techniques developed by ART are helping to create nutritional maps of animal habitats, enabling researchers to understand the link between animal movement and food availability.

Airborne Remote Sensing

Creating detailed maps of the places where animals live requires flying high above them. ART are deploying drones and aircraft 100–2000 meters above the landscape to collect hyperspectral imaging, LiDAR point cloud, and geospatial datasets of animal habitats.

Computer Vision for automated behavioural quantification

Advanced deep learning methods developed by ART enable detailed measurement of animal behavior in the laboratory and the wild with computer vision and drone-based imaging.

Computational models of behavior

State-of-the-art statistical models developed by ART enable automated classification and analysis of complex behavioral data using probabilistic deep learning.
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