AI workshop with Prof. Dr. Daniel Mertens

by ScientistsNeedMore Schiller & Mertens

  • Beginn: 18.04.2024 09:00
  • Ende: 19.04.2024 17:00
  • Ort: University of Konstanz
  • Raum: K7
AI workshop with Prof. Dr. Daniel Mertens
Next Level Scientific Writing with AI

Would you like to:
  • Work more efficiently and effectively than ever before?
  • Save time on literature search and literature assessment?
  • Brainstorm more effectively with the help of AI tools?
  • Produce easy to read text for cover letters, social media, for grants and for scientific papers?
  • Change your scientific writing for the better?

AI-based tools have the potential to revolutionize scientific writing and enable researchers to work more efficiently and effectively. However, it is important for researchers to use these tools judiciously and with an understanding of their limitations. Examples of very useful tools are AI-powered literature search and analysis that substantially help identify relevant articles and assess their quality. Similarly, AI-based tools support brainstorming, identifying interesting research questions and even experimental setups. Finally these tools can be used to produce text that is easy-to-read e.g. for cover letters, for visibility on social media and for improved scientific texting of reports, grants and even scientific papers. Although the range of tools is currently expanding exponentially, at the current stage we will discuss and use the following tools:

Throughout the workshop we will use case studies and hands-on exercises to help participants apply the concepts and tools to their own scientific research communication.

Because AI-tools will take your scientific writing to the next level.

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