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Wang, D.; Forstmeier, W.; Ihle, M.; Khadraoui, M.; Jeronimo, S.; Martin, K.; Kempenaers, B.: Irreproducible text-book "knowledge": The effects of color bands on zebra finch fitness. Evolution: International journal of organic evolution 72 (4), pp. 961 - 976 (2018)
Journal Article
Yuta, T.; Nomi, D.; Ihle, M.; Koizumid, I.: Simulated hatching failure predicts female plasticity in extra-pair behavior over successive broods. Behavioral Ecology 29 (6), pp. 1264 - 1270 (2018)
Journal Article
Forstmeier, W.; Ihle, M.; Opatová, P.; Martin, K.; Knief, U.; Albrechtová, J.; Albrecht, T.; Kempenaers, B.: Testing the phenotype-linked fertility hypothesis in the presence and absence of inbreeding. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 30 (5), pp. 968 - 976 (2017)
Journal Article
Griffith, S. C.; Crino, O. L.; Andrew, S. C.; Nomano, F. Y.; Adkins-Regan, E.; Alonso-Alvarez, C.; Bailey, I. E.; Bittner, S. S.; Bolton, P. E.; Boner, W. et al.; Boogert, N.; Boucaud, I. C. A.; Briga, M.; Buchanan, K. L.; Caspers, B. A.; Cichon, M.; Clayton, D. F.; Deregnaucourt, S.; Forstmeier, W.; Guillette, L. M.; Hartley, I. R.; Healy, S. D.; Hill, D. L.; Holveck, M.-J.; Hurley, L. L.; Ihle, M.; Krause, E. T.; Mainwaring, M. C.; Marasco, V.; Mariette, M. M.; Martin-Wintle, M. S.; McCowan, L. S. C.; McMahon, M.; Monaghan, P.; Nager, R. G.; Naguib, M.; Nord, A.; Potvin, D. A.; Prior, N. H.; Riebel, K.; Romero-Haro, A. A.; Royle, N. J.; Rutkowska, J.; Schuett, W.; Swaddle, J. P.; Tobler, M.; Trompf, L.; Varian-Ramos, C. W.; Vignal, C.; Villain, A. S.; Williams, T. D.: Variation in reproductive success across captive populations: Methodological differences, potential biases and opportunities. Ethology 123 (1), pp. 1 - 29 (2017)
Journal Article
Ihle, M.; Winney, I.; Krystalli, A.; Croucher, M.: Striving for transparent and credible research: Practical guidelines for behavioral ecologists. Behavioral Ecology 28 (2), pp. 348 - 354 (2017)
Journal Article
Knief, U.; Forstmeier, W.; Pei, Y.; Ihle, M.; Wang, D.; Martin, K.; Opatová, P.; Albrechtová, J.; Wittig, M.; Franke, A. et al.; Albrecht, T.; Kempenaers, B.: A sex-chromosome inversion causes strong overdominance for sperm traits that affect siring success. Nature Ecology & Evolution 1 (8), pp. 1177 - 1184 (2017)
Journal Article
Winney, I.; Ihle, M.: Transparent and credible practices under the microscope: A response to comments on Ihle et al. Behavioral Ecology 28 (2), pp. 360 - 361 (2017)
Journal Article
Opatová, P.; Ihle, M.; Albrechtová, J.; Tomásek, O.; Kempenaers, B.; Forstmeier, W.; Albrecht, T.: Inbreeding depression of sperm traits in the zebra finch Taeniopygia guttata. Ecology and Evolution 6 (1), pp. 295 - 304 (2016)
Journal Article
Ihle, M.; Kempenaers, B.; Forstmeier, W.: Fitness benefits of mate choice for compatibility in a socially monogamous species. PLoS Biology 13 (9), e1002248 (2015)
Journal Article
Ihle, M.; Forstmeier, W.: Revisiting the evidence for inbreeding avoidance in zebra finches. Behavioral Ecology 24 (6), pp. 1356 - 1362 (2013)
Journal Article
Ihle, M.; Kempenaers, B.; Forstmeier, W.: Does hatching failure breed infidelity? Behavioral Ecology 24 (1), pp. 119 - 127 (2013)
Journal Article
Dechaume-Moncharmont, F. X.; Cornuau , J. H.; Keddar, I.; Ihle, M.; Motreuil , S.; Cézilly , F.: Rapid assessment of female preference for male size predicts subsequent choice of spawning partner in a socially monogamous cichlid fish. Comptes Rendus Biologies 334, pp. 906 - 910 (2011)

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