Young Scientists

In order to balance the joint development of science and society, we focus on work with children and youth. Their curiosity and fundamental questions are the beginning of research from which their ideas can cause more knowledge to burst into bloom.

Together, researchers and youth learn from one another. One young participant found, “Accompanying researchers on their field work in Spain, like in the project ‘MaxCine, should I stay or should I go’ was the best camp of my life!” A participating researcher said, “At our institute we want to ensure that we focus on the bigger questions, especially those that will interest our children in the long run. How can we protect animals? How can we save the migration routes? How can we preserve the natural basis of life for future generations? Other institutions recruit old men in their advisory board.  We want to have children that redirect our focus to the important questions and who will not settle for evasive answers on our board.”

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