Marion Muturi

Technische Assistentin
Abteilung für Tierwanderungen
Forschungsgruppe Dechmann
+49 7732 1501-24


As the group technician I am involved in most of the ongoing projects in the Dechmann group. I help with fieldwork, catching and tagging bats and shrews or measuring museum specimens. I also support the various students develop and carry out their work, be it shrew MRI scans, behavioral experiments or tracking. I am in charge of data curating, regular tasks, such as shrew x-rays as well as taking care of all the many little things that come up such as purchasing or making tracking collars. As a former master student in the group I am a scientific member, as much as a technician. This allows me to play a role in the development of projects and data collection, which makes this job very exciting and divers.

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