Leoni Uhrmacher

MSc Student
Department of Migration
Research Group Dechmann

Main Focus

Detecting foraging in wild mammals

As a master student in Dina Dechmann’s lab, I am investigating the foraging behaviour of the Mexican fish-eating bat (Myotis vivesi). This bat is the only marine fishing bat, feeding on small ephemeral schools of fish and shrimp. I am using acoustic and acceleration data, collected with biologgers by my supervisor Edward Hurme, to develop a machine learning algorithm (Random Forest) that can reliably detect bat behaviours in acceleration data. The aim is to omit ultrasonic recordings with the advantage of reducing memory and battery consumption, making it possible to track bats over longer periods. This would facilitate investigating how bats respond to their environment by providing detailed measures of when bats are feeding during foraging flights.

Curriculum Vitae

Since 2018: Master Student in Biological Science with a focus on Ecology, Evolution and Behaviour at the University of Constance

2013-2018: Bachelor Student in Biology at the University of Regensburg; Bachelor Thesis: “Phylogenetic relationships among European Anomura (hermit crabs & squat lobsters) with investigations on intraspecific regional endemisms”

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