Alison Govaerts

IMPRS Doctoral Student
Department for the Ecology of Animal Societies

Main Focus

My goal is to study the collective behavior and decision making in African wild dogs, as well as investigating their vocal repertoire and how vocal communication influences individual and group behavior. I am interested in understanding how group decisions emerge from individual actions, and how this is influenced by the individual’s characteristics and social bonds. African wild dogs have an amazing range of vocalizations, and I want to investigate the role of these vocalizations during decision making processes. I hope to combine high resolution tracking data with recording of vocalizations and direct observations to get a clear picture of how they make decisions, maintain group cohesion and coordinate themselves during different activities.

Curriculum Vitae

* 2018-2019 Researcher within the Ecosystem Management Research Group (ECOBE) at the University of Antwerp on long term fluctuations of Suspended Particle Matter (SPM) concentrations in de Scheldt estuary.

* 2017-2018 Research assistant on the reproductive ecology of the Kinda baboon (Papio kindae) in Kasanka National Park, Zambia.

* 2016 Research assistant on the landscape ecology of lions (Panthera leo) and their prey in Limpopo National Park, Mozambique.

* 2015 MSc in Conservation and Restoration of Biodiversity, University of Antwerp, Belgium

* 2013  BSc in Biology, University of Brussels, Belgium

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