Bats in the Peninsula: Italy as biogeography scenario of interaction between bats and global change

Institute Seminar by Dino Scaravelli

  • Date: Jun 27, 2023
  • Time: 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM (Local Time Germany)
  • Speaker: Dino Scaravelli
  • Dr. Dino Scaravelli is an Adjunct professor at the Department of Biological, Geological, and Environmental Sciences, University of Bologna. He has long professional experience in various fields of natural sciences, carrying out his professional action and scientific research on bats, micromammals, mesocarnivores, herpetology, detection of natural ecosystems, management of protected areas, museology, entomology, parasitology and pathology of wild animals, vertebrates marine.
  • Room: Seminar room MPI-AB Möggingen + Online
  • Host: Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior
  • Contact:
Bats in the Peninsula: Italy as biogeography scenario of interaction between bats and global change
The biogeographic peculiarities of the peninsula and of the major Italian islands are a wonderful scenario in which to investigate the relationships between bats and their environments. The diversity of landscapes, including anthropic ones, present in this vast territory, with 36 species and a millenary history of agricultural and forestry transformations presents itself as a particularly interesting scenario for assessing the impacts that global change and human activities can cause on bat populations. An update of the distribution of the species and the different connections with the respective habitats will be presented to highlight which are the future areas of investigation that express the greatest interest. Specific examples then concern the Alpine populations being studied, the relationships with local human dimension and the interest in the complex phenology and viremia expressed in some areas. The relationship with public opinion has changed perspective after the pandemic. Another aspect of the investigation is the complexity of the aspects of conservation biology of the species that form large colonies in underground environments, and which then forage in large areas with very different levels of protection. The land use changes, with the impacts generated by the windfarms and the existing infrastructures, are then considered in the general perspective of conservation.

The MPI-AB Seminar Series is open to members of MPI and Uni Konstanz. The zoom link is published each week in the MPI-AB newsletter.

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