Leadership skills

IMPRS workshop

  • Beginn: 14.07.2022 09:00
  • Ende: 15.07.2022 17:00
  • Vortragende(r): Sabine Lerch
  • www.science.sabinelerch.de
Leadership skills

This course was designed for young scientists to provide you with basic theoretical and practical knowledge concerning leadership. The word "leader" goes with "people." Leaders are expected to improve human performance, as well as to manage resources. Yet many professionals focus only on technical or scientific qualifications – not on complex social interactions. These professionals soon learn that poor leadership and communication skills can undermine credibility and general effectiveness.

Be it in academia or in industry – leaders will very likely manage “knowledge workers” (smart, creative, highly professional individuals) – who expect to be treated respectfully and given opportunities to develop their potential. For these tasks working together with other people in a cooperative way, understanding their motivation, bringing about solid decisions and influencing a group towards win-win goals will be valuable skills.

You will take steps to learn how to identify your own leadership type, clarify leadership ideals and behaviors, script successful meetings and discussions, listen to acquire complete information, empower your staff, give constructive feedback and deal with conflicts.

What topics:

Leadership Styles

..about personality & responsibility

• Management versus leadership

• Decision and participation
• Situational Leadership


...about orientation and potential

• Giving feedback
• Supporting your team members

Meta programs

...how others get motivated

• Maslow’s pyramid and self-actualisation

• The principles of personal behavior

Communication for Leaders

...typical situations

• Face-to-faceconversation • Business meetings

Delegation by Pleasure

...how to open space

• Management by objectives • Stewardship delegation


...shift your perspective

• Getting to Yes: Harvard negotation • Difficult partners

Conflict Resolution

...a leader’s responsibility

• Vicious circles
• Mediation basics

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