What you can expect

Our graduate program shall go beyond the focus of educational and curricular support as many graduate programs have done in the past. IMPRS-QBEE intends to equip doctoral students with expertise to excel in both, the lab and in the field – fostering international collaborations and supporting themselves, peers and staff, at the field site. Mentoring by supervisors and by Thesis Advisory Committee (TAC) members is to encourage them to tap into their creativity within existing ethical frameworks, to see their work in the field and within the research school community also as giving and receiving, rather than just taking. Through this, our doctoral students will benefit from first-class support in networking and career decisions and of course obtain scientific input as well as participate in curricular activities offered by the IMPRS-QBEE program. We plan to extend opportunities of becoming mentors themselves in their final year(s) to junior fellows. 

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