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Center for Communication and Outreach


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MaxCine is the centre for communication and exchange at the Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior 

Everyone is welcome at MaxCine.

Informing about science, experiencing research, travelling digitally in nature and actively shaping the future on our planet – these are the aspects on which the public relations work at MaxCine focuses. 

We pay special attention to children and teenagers, the scientists of tomorrow.

MaxCine Program

With the offers and events presented on the following pages, we would like to make the work of our scientists accessible to a broad public in a variety of ways. This year, much of our work revolves around the topic of humans and animals, with children and school classes in particular being integrated into science. The digital world will not be neglected either. To this end, we have launched the project "MaxCine: Born digital - guided by nature" project - a model for the future - in which young people and young scientists learn from each other at different levels. 

Latest News

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