View of the Hennhouse and mill


Center for Communication and Outreach

MaxCine, the center for communication and exchange, at the Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior in Radolfzell, offers an extensive program. Its goal is to make space for encounters and exchange between scientists and the public. 

We value lively exchange in all of the tours, student internships, school workshops, teacher trainings, idea workshops with researchers, public talks, exhibitions, events, vacation workshops, youth camps and other formats.

 Young international researchers give an insight into their work and current topics from research worldwide. A multi-lingual dialogue is developed in which gestures and mimic contribute to understanding and intercultural exchange about foreign animals, plants and faraway countries.


The MAXCINE website is currenty under construction and will get a complete makeover. 

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An interactive project shows animal migration routes and how to study them. The Flightcase 1.0 will migrate itself - from school to school - in order to reach out to young students in school and show them a way how to participate in the scientific world (website in German with download links). more
Kids und Teens from different countries travel accompany blackbirds on their journey, together with the scientists. [more]
In our fancy interactive media house you can inform yourself about current research of our institute. Just drop by. [more]
We provide lectures for kids and grown ups with international scientists on a regular basis. [more]
Our workshops enable visitors to experience research through art and crafts. [more]
You would like to know how scientists work and how our facilities look like? We offer public and private tours exactly tailored to your interests. [more]
Our bee meadow "bee marie" is open to everyone. There is an insect hotel, a lizard stone wall, bee hives and much more to explore. It also serves scientist for some experiments. [more]

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