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Ehmann, B.; van Schaik, C. P.; Ashbury, A. M.; Mörchen, J.; Musdarlia, H.; Atmoko, S. U.; van Noordwijk, M. A.; Schuppli, C.: Immature wild orangutans acquire relevant ecological knowledge through sex-specific attentional biases during social learning. PLoS Biology 19, e3001173 (2021)
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Fröhlich, M.; Bartolotta, N.; Fryns, C.; Wagner, C.; Momon, L.; Jaffrezic, M.; Setia, T. M.; Schuppli, C.; van Noordwijk, M. A.; van Schaik, C. P.: Orang-utans have larger gestural repertoires in captivity than in the wild–a case of weak innovation? iScience 24 (11), 103304 (2021)
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Mikeliban, M.; Kunz, B.; Rahmaeti, T.; Uomini, N.; Schuppli, C.: Orangutan mothers adjust their behaviour during food solicitations in a way that likely facilitates feeding skill acquisition in their offspring. Scientific Reports 11, 23679 (2021)
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Schuppli, C.; Atmoko, S. S. U.; Vogel, E. R.; van Schaik, C. P.; van Noordwijk, M. A.: The development and maintenance of sex differences in dietary breadth and complexity in Bornean orangutans. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 75 (5), 81 (2021)
Journal Article
Schuppli, C.; Van Cauwenberghe, A.; Setia, T. M.; Haun, D.: The ontogeny of exploratory object manipulation behaviour in wild orangutans. Evolutionary Human Sciences 3, E39 (2021)
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